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Watch our video to learn more
Watch our video to learn more

No small business left behind

There are more than 63 million Medium and small enterprises in India alone, and roughly half of them are spending as much as 7 hours each week (essentially a full day every week!) doing time-consuming, yet necessary tasks like paperwork, payroll, and scheduling. Most of it’s done by hand or with homemade spreadsheets. Sure, there’s software out there. But most of it was built for big companies. Or it was designed for employees who spend all day working on computers. Either way, it wasn’t built for local restaurants, shops, and services—or the hourly employees that work at them.

We’re here to make work easier for small businesses and hourly workers.

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SalaryBox makes work easier for 2,46,532+ small (but mighty) businesses with everything they need to manage an a team: employee attendance, payroll, shift management, team communication, and compliance. We’re aim to build for the busiest businesses, so owners and employees can spend less time on trivial time taking things and more time on what actually matters.

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